Halloween is a special time of year where you can really let your imagination run wild and have fun decorating your home. You don't need to spend a lot of money, and you can even use what you have lying around the house alongside a little bit of craftwork. Just remember to have fun and create the haunted house of your dreams. Below we share 15 easy decoration ideas on how to decorate your home this Halloween. 

1. The porch

It's a great idea to decorate any outside space that you may have, including the porch. This is a great way to show your neighbours that you love Halloween. You can keep things simple with a tasteful collection of pumpkins and squashes. Or, you could go all out and hang up plastic skeletons, have covered cobwebs lurking in the corners and you could even make your own floating ghost with the help of an old white sheet, beach ball and string. Image and idea from 

Image from lmolnar


2. Your front door and window

When it comes to your windows and front door, you can have so much fun. Light a carved pumpkin on the windowsill and edge the frame in orange twinkle lights. You could also add some stickers of witches and bats. Buy a spooky doormat to greet your guests, and hang a Halloween wreath on your door, instead of holly it can have spiders. 

Image from Between naps on the porch



3. Decorate your bookshelves

If you're a book lover and your house is crammed with bookshelves and bookcases, then use them to your advantage. Make your own cobwebs from cotton batting, and use glitter glue. Add plastic spiders on top of those book piles, string pumpkin-shaped lights along the shelves and even cut out mouse silhouettes to look like a mouse-infested area! 

Image from Alque My Enterprises


4. The Halloween mantel

The Halloween mantle is a firm favourite in many households. It creates a wonderful focal point, and you can use items that you already own as decorations. Hunt out your vintage candle holders, use your children's toy false teeth. Add a string of fairy lights to give it an eerie glow.

Image from Loom Brand



5. Create a witch's cauldron with cobwebs and spiders

This is a good Halloween decoration that you can make with the kids. You can get creative with your design here, making it as spooky as possible with fake bubbles, a glowing green light and even spiders crawling along the outside. Suzy has a great step-by-step that you can follow to get a cauldron just like this one.

Image from Suzy Home Maker, here's how to create your own cauldron


6. Decorate your sofa

Decorating your sofa or comfy armchair could not be easier. Use a white sheet or cotton batting, pull it apart to reveal thin spooky cobwebs and add splashes of red ink or paint to look like blood. You can even buy a throw with pictures of black cats or bats to use as a throw and scatter plastic spiders on top to give your guests a spook when they sit down. 

Image from Pinterest



7. A wall of art

If you are feeling artistic then why not create some wall art? Paint a wicked witch on her broomstick silhouetted by the light of the moon. Or, take out the photo palcement of some old photo frames so you're left with just the frames, paint them black and hang them unevenly on your wall. Hang fake spiders and skeletons in-between the frames to give a 3D photo effect.

Image from Bower Power



8. The spooky dining table

If you plan on hosting a family Halloween themed meal, then why not dress the dining table to match the occasion. You can buy black lace tablecloths fairly cheaply which you can then cover with fake cobwebs for a dramatic effect. Use orange candle holders, and scatter the table with fake eyeballs, plastic spiders and skulls.

Image from Pizzazzerie



9. Light it up

When it comes to Halloween decor then you simply have to light up your home in shades of reds, purples and orange. String coloured fairy lights along shelves, around doorways and place them in clear vases. Buy candles that have been made with red and orange wax, and use them instead of your regular candles.

Image from Cyri Home


10. Get decorating pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is so much fun and you can even buy cheap calving kits. This is a wonderful activity to do with the kids. Create the usual spooky face, or carve your own unique design. Ideas include carving cats, a silly face or even your name. Line them up to create an interesting Halloween display. 

Image from Chick Hostess




11. Spooky doors

No home is complete without a spooky door. You can make this yourself with cotton cobwebs draping from the to the top of your door and hanging bats and/or skeletons. Light-up your spooky door with fairy lights to make your cobwebs stand out or, buy some orange light-up candles to guard each side of your entrance, or do both!

Image from Farm Food Family



12. Decorate the ceiling

When planning your Halloween decor be sure not to forget the ceiling. Halloween was made for giant spiderwebs, hanging skeletons and spooky bats. You can now buy a selection of ceiling decorations that are made for Halloween, but you could always make your own to hang from hooks. 

Image from Pinterest



13. A spooky staircase

If you are lucky enough to have a staircase in your home then this needs to be decorated. Twist Halloween tinsel (yes you can buy this now) around any spindles or banister, place a skeleton skull on the newel post and, light the pathway with orange fair lights. If you want to be really creative, you can cut out bats from black paper and stick them on the wall, so that they follow you up and down the stairs. Don't forget to scatter your carved pumpkins along the way to your decorated stairs!

Image from Pinterest


14. Create a spooky tableau

This is when you can group together your favourite Halloween items to create your own work of art. Create a backdrop with an orange, white or black sheet. Add spiders, glass jars filled with spiders or spooky sweets. Display broken dolls with twisted limbs and add a witch's hat.

Image from Pinterest



15. Get cooking

Halloween is all about fun and getting together with family and friends. Eating is a big part of this. So why not display your treats as Halloween decor? Make cupcakes with black frosting and spiders made from icing sugar. Make biscuits in the shape of bats and hang them from a small table stand. Make chocolate balls with red liquorice legs for bugs and serve pumpkin soup in glass bowls alongside orange punch. 

Image from Reaons to skip the housework


However you choose to decorate your home this Halloween, remember to have fun with family and friends.