Cleaning your home can be a long difficult job, but it doesn’t have to be. Here we wanted to share with you some top tips on cleaning your home to save you time but, if cleaning isn’t for you then you can always search for a cleaner near you and get a professional to do it for you. 

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So, without further ado, let’s begin our countdown:

Removing sofa stains | Whoever You Need

1) Removing sofa stains

Dab a little shaving foam onto the affect areas, leave it to settle for 15-20 minutes, then blot the shaving foam away to reveal a stainless sofa!  

Cleaning rusty garden furniture | Whoever You Need

2) Removing rust from patio furniture and even your toilet brush holder

We’ve all noticed our garden furniture become brown with rust over the years, and even your toilet roll holder to that matter. Dab tomato ketchup onto the rusted area, let it sit for a minute or two, then rub away with a cloth.

Keep your oven clean - Whoever You Need

3) Keeping your oven sparkling clean

Sprinkle table salt over fresh oven stains, allow to sit for 10-20 minutes, then wipe away with a damp cloth. Do this regularly to keep your oven fresh.

Cleaner Near Me | Whoever You Need

4) Fighting microwave grease 

Fill a cup with water, a couple tablespoons of vinegar and a slice of lemon, turn microwave on high and wait until the window starts to steam. Allow the solution to sit in there for around 5 minutes then, easily wipe away grease with a cloth. 

Cleaner Near Me | Scratched Wooden Furniture

5) Removing scratches from wood

Rub a walnut (without shell) on the scratched surface of wooden furniture to hide scratches in plain sight.

Floor Scuffs | Whoever You Need

6) Removing floor scuffs

Using a tennis ball, rub along the scuff marks until they disappear. For larger areas, gently rub some baking soda onto the area with a damp cloth and rinsing with kitchen roll before letting it dry. 

Cleaning Your Shower Head | Whoever You Need

7) Restoring your shower head back to life

Water holes on showerheads get thick of grime over time so to get your water pressure back and make it sparkle again, fill up a bag or sink half with white vinegar and the other half with water. If your using a bag, tie it around the shower head, making sure all holes are immersed in the solution. Leave to soak for around an hour, then wipe away the loosen grime – good as new.

Removing Red Wine Stains | Whoever You Need

8) Removing wine stains

Start by blotting the stained area with kitchen roll until you are no longer seeing the stain transfer onto the tissue (this might involve you using more than a couple of sheets). Then use either Stain Away or hydrogen peroxide, let it set for around 5 minutes before blotting again with more kitchen roll. 

Descale Your Kettle | Whoever You Need

9) Descaling your kettle

Fill your kettle up halfway with vinegar and the other half with water, let your kettle boil halfway through then sit for 30 seconds and finish off the boil cycle. Pour out and fill up with just water this time, boil and pour away to rinse. This can also be done with coffee makers.

Cleaning Your Shower Curtain | Whoever You Need

10) Freshen up your shower curtain

Shower curtains can become tinted with yellow or mouldy marks, to get rid of these, simply put curtains in the washing machine along with some towels to help with the washing cycle, then hang to dry or put in the tumble dryer if allowed. To avoid future stains, make sure to stretch out your shower curtain after each shower to relieve moisture.

Your Own Multi Purpose Spray | Whoever You Need

11) Your very own Multi-Purpose cleaning spray

Mix up 4 tablespoons of baking soda to around 0.95 litres of water, shake well and you’re ready to go. For a more scented multi-purpose spray, mix up half white vinegar and half water, add lemon zest and rosemary sprigs and shake well. Let this solution sit for a week before using to ensure the scents have infused. 

Removing ink from wood | Whoever You Need

12) Removing pen stains

Use toothpaste to remove pen stains from your wooden surfaces. 

Smelly dog bed | Whoever You Need

13) Smelly pet beds

Material items such as dog beds collect smelly odours, so to freshen up these spots, sprinkle baking soda over the smelly areas, let it sit for around 15-20 minutes, then hoover it up. 

Unclogging drains Eco-friendly | Whoever You Need

14) Unclog, clogged drains

Using our good old friend baking soda – Pour half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar down your drain - let it do its thing - then flush hot water down to push the substance through. You may get popping and splattering while the two products are battling it out down there so be sure to cover the plug hole with a cloth to avoid any mess. 

How to clean greasy cupboards | Whoever You Need

15) Greasy kitchen cupboards

We’re all guilty for letting our kitchen cupboards go, luckily, they’re really easy to clean. Fill a spray bottle up with warm water and a little washing up liquid, shake and spray on cupboard doors. Rinse and dry to reveal your good as new cupboards. 

Remove toilet stains with Coke | Whoever You Need

16) Removing stubborn toilet stains

Pour a can of coke down the toilet and let it sit overnight. Give it a good scrub with your toilet brush in the morning and flush to reveal a sparkling white toilet.

Removing stains from stainless steel | Whoever You Need

17) Stubborn stains on stainless steel

Sometimes, no matter how much you clean stainless steel, there are always stubborn marks such as fingerprints. Add a little bit of baby oil to a clean, microfibre cloth and rub gently on the stained area. Notice it disappear back to its sparkling self. 

Removing pet hair | Whoever You Need

18) Picking up dog hairs

No one likes stubborn dog hairs so, simply remove them by damping a rubber glove and wiping over furnishing such as sofa, curtains and even clothes.

Your own window spray | Whoever You Need

19) Your own glass cleaner

If you didn’t know by now, vinegar is a great cleaning substance, especially for stubborn stains on mirrors and windows. Create your own glass cleaner by mixing a half distilled white vinegar and half water solution together – that’s it! If glass is extremely grimy, try prewashing the area with very soapy water before using your new glass spray.

Cleaning dishes with vinegar | Whoever You Need

20) Remove built-up dirt from tableware

Soak your plates, glasses and mugs in white vinegar for just 5 minutes, rinse and dry with a microfiber cloth to remove built-up dirt.

Stop creaky floorboards | Whoever You Need

21) Stop those creaky floorboards

Sprinkle baby powder onto noisy floorboards, sweep it into the cracks and wipe away any excess powder. 

Clean washing machine with vinegar | Whoever You Need

22) Stop your washing machine form smelling

Pour a cup of white vinegar into the drum and put it on a hot wash. Notice smelly odours disappear and less limescale keeping your washing machine to last longer.

Remove top stains with shampoo | Whoever You Need

23)  Removing stains from shirt collars

Gently rub normal shampoo around the stains before putting into the washing machine for a normal wash. Notice these stains lift easily.

Stop dishwasher from smelling | Whoever You Need

24) Stop your dishwasher from smelling

A bit like our washing machine tip, put 2 cups of undiluted vinegar into a dishwasher-safe bowl and place on the top shelf of and empty dishwasher. Put it on a hot cycle to make it smell better and clear the pipes. 

Stop hoovering up things | Whoever You Need

25) Stop hoovering up objects

Hoovering up small objects can be a nightmare so, to stop this, use an old pair of tights over the hoover nozzle to stop items from being hoovered up. 


So there we have it, our top 25 cleaning tips! No matter what time of year, there's always a good reason to have a quick Spring clean or, you can always hire someone to clean your home for you.