While current government guidance tells us to stay at home, our gardens are fast becoming our personal sanctuaries. With Spring in the air, the warmer days and longer evenings are providing the perfect opportunity to perk up your patio, beautify your borders, and perhaps even try something a little different this year to make the most of your precious outside space. In this article we suggest some simple ways to add a decorative touch to help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

Take planting to another level
Get the most out of every square inch of your garden and plant at a multitude of levels. This can be done simply and decoratively by grouping your container plants and displaying them on repurposed furniture, such as a painted chest of drawers or wooden ladder (coated with waterproofing sealer for wood), where they can be appreciated at eye level. Adding horizontal fence panels to a stretch of bare fence or wall, or side of a balcony or shed, can transform these spaces into an eye-catching vertical garden when adorned with smaller plant pots and baskets attached with hooks. If you would like help to create a bespoke wooden multi-layered display or planter contact a local joiner.
Tip: Hang an over-the-door shoe holder onto your fence, tucking herbs into the compartments for a fun twist on a vertical planter.

Decorative Garden | Whoever You NeedPhoto by Cherry Laithang 

You don’t have to ‘go gnome’!
Garden ornaments provide the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch to your outside space while giving your garden a finished look that will endure across the four seasons. We’re not just talking traditional gnomes here, there are so many options available - from sculptures to sundials and birdhouses to birdbaths. Notonthehighstreet has a great selection of gems for your garden.
Tip: Use ornaments to act as subtle but effective cues to your visitors. Perhaps a decorative wrought iron gate marks the entrance to a new section of the garden to explore, a tree-hung lantern invites eyes upwards into the trees, or maybe a curved bench signals to take some time out.
Decorative Garden Ideas Whoever You NeedGet crafty
Crafting your own garden decorations will make your garden truly unique. From a bird feeder made from dinner plates, to a hanging planter made from colourful colanders - there are many online tutorials that you can follow.
Tip: A fire pit or pizza oven can provide a stunning focal point to your garden and be built at home from scratch by arranging curved paving stones in a circle. Hire a local bricklayer if you would prefer a helping hand.

Garden Fairy Lights Whoever You NeedPhoto by Victoria Heath 

Don’t forget the lights
Lighting is so important in creating the right atmosphere in your garden, especially with the warmer weather allowing us to enjoy dining alfresco well into the evening. Whether it's a string of fairy lights or lanterns positioned to create a garden path, the lights you choose will help add character to your space. Lights4Fun do some great designs. If you have chosen mains powered lighting, use the services of a local electrician experienced in garden lighting installation and repair to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
Tip: Concentrate on highlighting the most attractive features, such as a plant or water feature. Also, think practically and light up paths and steps for safe access.

Now is the perfect time to get out there and flex those green fingers! If you want to discuss your options with a professional, consult a garden designer, or consider hiring a local and reliable landscaper or gardener, who can help you to make the perfect outside space for you and your family to enjoy.