Trying to keep warm this winter whilst being eco-friendly conscious can be easier than you may think. Here we have put together our top 10 tips on how you can do just that, whilst being comfortable! 

So, lets kick this off with the basic! 

Wear warmer clothes this winter | Whoever You Need

1) Warmer clothes

Jumpers, thick leggings and even tracksuit bottoms will definitely keep you warm in doors this winter whilst keeping the amount of energy you use down. If you’ve got somewhere to be, layer up and cover all of your extremities with thick gloves, thick socks, hats and scarves. 

Thicker bed sheets | Whoever You Need

2) Thicker bed sheets

If you’re still feeling the chill in bed, why not layer up with a throw on top of your duvet. You can even upgrade to a thicker winter duvet that you can swap between for those chillier nights. Or opt for an All Seasons Duvet where you get 2 separate duvets with different Tog ratings, one is a lighter one for summer and the other is thicker for the winter months – you can use both together when it’s really chilly!

Hot Water Bottle | Whoever You Need

3) Hot water bottle

A simple, effective way of keeping warm whilst snuggled up on the sofa is hugging a fresh hot water bottle! These water-filled, rubber beauties are perfect for keeping your body at a warm temperature.

Curtains for heat | Whoever You Need

4) Curtains and blinds

If you haven’t already, hanging some curtains or thick blinds can really help to keep heat from escaping through your doors and windows. If you can get some blackout curtains, these are specifically made for insulating, keeping your home a warm temperature whilst being gentle on the environment.

Use a rug for warmth | Whoever You Need

5) Get some rugs

If your home has cold tiles or wooden floors, throwing some thick rugs down over the winter season is a sure way to keep your feet warm and preventing warmth from leaking through (as well as being cosy)!

Warm up with thick socks | Whoever You Need

6) Get the slippers out

Wearing slippers or thick cosy socks will keep your feet warm and works towards keeping the rest of your body warm. 

Upgrade window sill fascia | Whoever You Need

7) Check for cracks in windows and doors

What’s a better excuse to weatherproof your home than these chillier months? Not only will you save on energy bills but you will also use less heat than necessary, doing your little bit to save the planet! Check to see if your windows and doors need re-caulking or weather stripping – if you’re not too sure, you can always get one of our professionals can come and check for you.

Close doors for warmth | Whoever You Need

8) Close off unused rooms

If you only tend to sit in 1 or 2 rooms in the evenings, why not shut off the radiators to the rooms you don't use and keep the door closed. Not only will you save on heating bills, but other rooms will also heat up quicker.

Close window vents | Whoever You Need

9) Close any open vents

If your windows have small vents on them, it’s a good idea to go around your home and check these are all closed. This will stop warmth leaking through and you guessed it, save on bills and the planet! 

Setting your thermostat | Whoever You Need

10) Setting your thermostat

If you’re out at work most of the day, keeping your heating on all day can not only cost you a fortune but it also has a dramatic impact to the environment! By setting your thermostat to come on half an hour before you arrive home from work and half an hour before rising in the morning, you will be saving both the planet and on heating bills, whilst staying warm!

So there you have it!

Our top tips on keeping warm this winter whilst doing your bit to save the planet! Don't forget to share these tips with family and friends so they too can brave a cold winter the eco-friendly way.