The digital marketplace relies on exposure and nowhere is this more pertinent than in search rankings, which is why search engine optimisation (SEO) is so important. In this article, we ask the question of why link building is important, and demonstrate how you can improve SEO with backlinks.

So first, let's look at what a backlink is, before moving onto the benefits. 

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are a form of hyperlink - a visible URL which navigates directly to another web page when clicked on by the internet user. Because hyperlinks are an integral part of how search engines crawl the web, they can be influential where search engine rankings are concerned. That's why achieving high-quality backlinks - that is, links which are placed on well-read sites with a high domain authority (DA) - can be fundamental to moving up the search listings for certain phrases.

The benefits of backlinks

SEO - getting the right links in the right places can be a catalyst for links up the rankings. It could be a popular consumer website, a social media page, or a newspaper's web platform - if it is a well read and well-respected site, achieving a backlink can pay dividends when it comes to search results.

PR - when backlinking is done correctly, there is also the potential for a positive public relations campaign. That's because backlinks can often be placed within tailored content, which is then provided to a web platform for free in exchange for including the link somewhere in the piece. This could be anything from a thought leadership piece to the results of a survey - if you are providing quality content along with the backlink, it can also serve a valuable PR purpose.

Visitor traffic - every time web surfers click the backlink which takes them to your site, you are also increasing your traffic. Not only can this feed back into your SEO campaign, but it can also give your online home more visibility, and in many cases, even increase the number of enquiries for your product or service, as well as direct sales. 

How to go about building backlinks

In many cases, successful backlink campaigns can come down to contacts, and quality content. Website editors and administrators can be the key to placing successful links. You could offer them exclusive content which is tailored to their platform, in exchange for a backlink somewhere in the piece. Alternatively, reciprocal deals can offer you a backlink on another site, with you offering a backlink on your site in return. 

How can we help?

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