How It Works

For consumers

Need to find a business quickly?

Use our search engine to quickly browse through professionals in your area. Compare reviews and previous work to find the right business for the job and contact them directly! Either call, email or go via their website or Facebook page, which ever you prefer.


Want to recommend a business?

Sign in through Facebook today to recommend a business or leave a review for the great work you’ve just received. 


Don’t have a Facebook account?

No problem, you can still create a free account using your email address and review a business straight away.


Recommend or leave a review

When your satisfied with the work carried out, hit the Recommend button on their profile or leave a review.


Ready to get started?

Log in through Facebook and create your free account now.



For businesses

Have your business found instantly by 1000's of users

It takes just a few minutes to create an account for your business and right now memberships get 3 months free. Your profile is found instantly on our search engine as soon as you hit the register button! All memberships come with your own personal gallery and link directly to your website and contact details - We don't charge for leads or credits so potential customers can come straight to you instantly at no extra cost.

We do the advertising for you

We do localised advertising for you across social medias and search engines to make your business found by thousands. Our search engine will only display your business if you cover the area in question, so you know every time your contacted that it's not a wasted lead.


What is the Facebook Recommend feature?

Every time a customer presses the Recommend button on your profile, you will appear top of their friends search results whenever they are looking for your services in the areas you cover. Call it our virtual word-of-mouth feature! Don’t worry if you don’t have a Facebook account as this feature doesn’t require the need for you to have one, just the person pressing the Recommend button.

No contract membership

We’re not like other search engines; We don’t believe in yearly contracts that you can’t get out of which is why you have the option to pause, continue and cancel your membership any time. You could call it a pay-as-you-go membership. 

For more information on the benefits of being a member, check out Get more customers for your business with Whoever You Need

All payments from work carried out are between you and the customer.

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